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Eurotalk German Review

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EuroTalk German covers vocab, grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing; a comprehensive teach yourself beginners to a more advanced German language course. Furthermore, the source material is not only varied, engaging and fun, but very reasonably priced to boot. The course consists of the standard vocab activities and grammar exercises, practical German and plenty of language games. What makes EuroTalk German unique amongst the products of this category however is Talk the Talk German. This program specifically focuses on useful and up-to-date phrases and vocabulary designed to improve conversational confidence with teenagers' social lives in mind. This, along with colorful graphics and plenty of games make EuroTalk especially suited to children and young teens.  For a comprehensive German course it will be necessary to buy the box set and although all 5 products can be bought separately, it is far more economical to buy them together.

EuroTalk begins by going through basic vocabulary with Vocab Builder and Talk Now German, which is followed by Talk More German, in which users are taught basic grammatical structure. With this understood you should be able to begin forming simple sentences, incorporating the words you have learned throughout the course. World Talk then gives you examples of how and where you can apply your German to real world situations, regardless of your level. We especially liked the section on navigating a conversation in which you do not necessarily know all of the vocab being used. Overall, WorldTalk is great for giving you the confidence to take that daunting yet vital step of actually using your German in the real world. Talk the Talk German builds on this by introducing you to colloquial German while other features such as Eurotalk German, speech recognition, multimedia, games and quizzes ensure that there is always something new to hold your attention.

Using your German in real life situations is one of the best ways to remember it and improve your conversational confidence. However, in this case it is important that you practice your accent; nothing can dent your confidence more than putting all your study and hard work to the test only to discover that no one can understand you! Luckily, EuroTalk includes speech recognition technology with native speaker comparison software which is a great way for you to get your tongue, as well as your head, around the language. Your conversation skill being, arguably, the most important part of any language, speech recognition technology almost comes as standard in this category as it is the next best thing to conversing with real German speakers. One drawback we did find with EuroTalk is the fact that, although having it all on 1 DVD-ROM is very convenient, you cannot play this on a CD player and are consequently tied to your computer when learning.

It is quite clear that EuroTalk is orientated towards children and teenagers. With colorful graphics and loads of games there is no other product in this category that markets itself as such. It has even been used successfully with children with specific learning difficulties. As opposed to boring textbooks and classrooms, learning a language with EuroTalk is associated with fun. However, this does mean that adults may find Eurotalk German quite limited both in content and in style. Likewise, the program does not boast as many features as its more ‘serious’ competitors, although in light of EuroTalk’s more reasonable price this can be forgiven. Some of us, especially children, will simply not need In-depth grammatical explanations and flashy features. Instead of boasting more technology than a space shuttle, most of which you will not use, EuroTalk German provide a simple and fun approach to learning German which is surprisingly rare for this category.

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