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Linguaphone Complete CD Course (German) Reviews

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Linguaphone Complete CD Course (German) Review

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Linguaphone is an audio course with a difference; not only will you significantly boost your speaking and comprehension skills, you will also be able to study German grammar in depth using the considerable amount of additional material that comes with this product. In this way, Linguaphone takes users much further than your average audio course. Each level, from complete beginners to expert, boasts an impressive amount of content as well as notes, transcripts, exercises, vocab lists and grammar explanations to support your learning and ensure you make the most out of the resources on offer.

Linguaphone's activities, having been used successfully for over 100 years, are simple yet effective; users simply listen, understand, and speak! Additionally, we found all of the content and supporting educational material to be well designed and engaging. Despite possibly appearing out of date in this category, we actually really liked the range of text books that come with many of Linguaphone's products and they complement the audio CDs excellently. This is opposed to other audio courses which usually just offer an accompanying text book, if that. There is something satisfying about being able to leaf through a real text book in order to get your head around a certain grammatical concept or look up a difficult translation, especially when they are so nicely illustrated and fully portable. It is in these textbooks where Linguaphone’s unique selling point lies; users can study vocab and grammar in more depth without sacrificing portability. For us, this was especially useful when traveling by plane or train as we could really get into our studies when we would otherwise be sitting there doing nothing.

Despite lots of content we did feel that Linguaphone placed more emphasis on quantity rather than quality. For example, some of the listening exercises were difficult to understand; despite having transcripts available we still occasionally found ourselves straining to make out the individual words. Another significant, and completely avoidable, downside to Linguaphone is the pace at which the course moves you through the material. True, there is a lot of it, but it is all covered very briefly; as soon as you feel you have been introduced to a topic you are rapidly moved onto the next! Personally, we would rather we learned a few topics well rather than many superficially. The fact is that many other audio courses in this category are not only of a better quality, but also cheaper. This is disappointing considering that Linguaphone is a great concept, but simply needs to be fine tuned.

Although the audio course itself is nothing to write home about we are sure you will love the well illustrated, professional selection of textbooks that come with all of Linguaphone’s products. In particular, these will benefit advanced learners and students for whom it is important to study and understand the complexities of the German language. In this case, we would recommend Linguaphone to those of you studying German to a degree level as the audio + textbook combination will really help you with learning difficult grammatical concepts while at the same time make great revision aids;  if you have already studied the material, the fast pace shouldn’t be a problem. Still unsure? Linguaphone’s website offer more information, free trails and some great offers which could save you up to 30%.

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