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Transparent Language Everywhere Audio: German Review

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What’s so special about Everywhere German? You may ask.  Well the clue is in the name; with this fully portable audio course you can literally be learning German everywhere (with the possible exceptions of in a nightclub or underwater). This course will take you from a beginner level to an intermediate level via 35 audio lessons available on either CD or mp3. Each lesson smoothly runs into the next while ease of use and understanding are facilitated by clear instructions and explanations (in English). No longer is the excuse ‘I’d love to learn German but I simply don’t have the time’ a valid one! Being an audio only course, Everywhere German is perfect for those of us looking to learn ‘on the go’. German learning needn’t interrupt your busy schedule as that 'dead time' cooking, walking the dog or just sitting in traffic can be filled with productive German learning with Everywhere German. Furthermore, understanding and speaking are arguably the two most important and used aspects of any language. Therefore, Transparent Languages offer, potentially, the most efficient method with which to progress towards an advanced level of German.

Each lesson begins with a themed set of vocabulary which you then apply to a certain grammatical concept. Users are then exposed to native speaker dialogs which represent real life situations. These are great for practicing your accent and learning German in context. In our opinion, rather than just listening passively and paying minimal attention, really involving yourself in the course will help you learn far more German and make the most out of this product. We found that the best way to do this is to treat each lesson as though it is an actual class. Take your time and don’t rush through them; repeat words out loud, pause and rewind and take notes when necessary and possible. Obviously, this depends on your situation. For example, note taking whilst driving is not advisable, no matter how committed you are to your German learning! One downside of Everywhere German was a lack of speech recognition software. Despite their focus on conversational German, it is sometimes hard to know if your pronunciation is correct. However, this shouldn’t be held against Everywhere German as inclusion of such features would inevitably reduce this product’s portability which is its main selling point. Furthermore, at only $50, the absence of flashy features can be forgiven. The bottom line is, if you are looking for a more comprehensive German course you will simply have to sacrifice flexibility and pay more.

Everywhere German does not claim to be a comprehensive course and you will need to combine it with other products in order to achieve a well rounded self education in German. Conveniently, Everywhere German comes with Byki express which, although free for anyone to download, is one of the best vocab and spelling study tools out there. Furthermore, Transparent Languages offer $20 off German Byki Deluxe with every purchase of Everywhere German. This is basically an upgrade to Byki which will complement your audio course perfectly. Those looking for a complete German course should consider the Transparent German Complete Edition box set which consists of Everywhere German, Byki Deluxe and interactive teach yourself German software. Click on the links to check out our separate reviews of these products which can either be purchased individually or as a boxed set for some great savings.

Although not a comprehensive course, Everywhere German does not require a big commitment in terms of time or money; perfect for those pressed for either of these rare commodities or who just prefer learning German whilst sitting in the sun in the park. Any further doubts should be cleared up by Transparent Languages' 6 month money back guarantee. Requiring less commitment (in terms of money, time and effort), Everywhere German will make a great tentative first step as there is very little to lose while a lot to gain. Likewise, it will make a great complement to any other German learning you may currently be engaged in.

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