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Unforgettable Languages (German) Reviews

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Unforgettable Languages (German) Review

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Although not a comprehensive teach yourself German course, Unforgettable Languages offer more than your average vocab builder. Rather than simply acquiring a strong base of words, you will be taken through basic grammar, sentence structure and verb conjugations with which you can begin putting together simple phrases. This sets Unforgettable Languages German apart from other products in the category as, not only do users get an effective vocab learning tool, but also an introduction to the basic, yet most important aspect of language learning - grammar.  Simple explanations and exercises teach you just enough so that you are able to creatively form phrases that can be used to express simple concepts and meanings.  Due to the simplicity of Unforgettable Languages German we found it very easy to get started; no time was wasted in attempting to navigate the program due to clear instructions, straightforward design and a user friendly glossary. You will be taken through 10 lesson selections, each of which covers a different set of vocab and a new grammatical concept using a variety of activities.

Flashcards form the core of Unforgettable Languages; a tried and tested way of learning vocabulary which has become an industry standard for these ends. Multimedia has allowed flashcards to be brought into the 21st century by including native speaker pronunciation audio and exposing users to new material according to a specific algorithm which significantly aids the memorization process. Briefly, users will learn a set of German words along with their English translation and correct pronunciation before being tested by entering the English translation of each German word. However, what makes Unforgettable Languages… well, unforgettable, is a technique they call Linkword. This works by making meaningful associations in the brains of learners during the memorization process leading to a 90% proven retention rate. We found this learning technique to be excellent, really setting Unforgettable Languages apart from the rest of flashcard programs in this category. Likewise, basic grammatical explanations make a welcome and unexpected addition to this impressive flashcard program.

Pricewise, while being significantly cheaper than most comprehensive teach yourself German courses in this category, Unforgettable Languages will set you back more than your average flashcard based package. In this case, its lack of more advanced features such as speech recognition technology and online communities can be forgiven. You will learn vocabulary more effectively with unforgettable languages so for those of us looking to increase our word base the decision will be quite simply ‘do I splash out more for a superior product?’

Whilst other similar products may get you more words for your money, we are confident  that Unforgettable Languages will get them to stick in your head quicker and better. This significantly decreases learning time; especially important when it comes to vocabulary learning which can be one of the most time consuming yet vital aspects of a language. After due consideration, we would recommend this product  for those looking to pick up some key words and phrases for a holiday or who are already doing German classes and require additional material. Brief grammatical explanations make this product especially good for beginners while an advanced teaching technique may make it the product for those of us pushed for time. A 30 day money back guarantee and good customer support should assuage any doubts and ensure that you get the most out of your purchase of Unforgettable Languages.

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