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Myngle (German) Review

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Myngle represents a different and refreshing approach to teaching yourself German which consists of a virtual language learning community that connects enthusiastic students (like you!) to highly qualified teachers all over the world. With a healthy collection of awards and a 95% student satisfaction rate, Myngle has attracted some significant attention in the language learning sector as a pioneer in the full utilization of high speed internet in teaching yourself German. Focus is moved away from traditional learning materials such as textbooks, grammar exercises and flashcards meaning that, although you will be getting a full German language course, some of you may find Myngle difficult to get used to.

Myngle do offer some core German courses offered by all teachers, but how this is taught and built upon will depend completely on your teacher and preferences as a learner. Having no common program may be rather new to some users, leaving you a little uncertain. To clear this up, we will take you through the Myngle experience step by step.

Users begin by registering; indicating their preferences which Myngle will use to recommend a selection of teachers who they believe are best qualified to teach you German. You are also free to search the database of Myngle teachers yourself if you are not quite sure about what exactly you are looking for. Once you have found a German teacher you like the look of, booking your first lesson (for free!) with Myngle couldn’t be easier; with a few clicks you are in contact with your teacher with a proposed time and date. Before your first lesson, Myngle provide tools online to ensure your system is set up correctly in order to run the lesson. When the time of your scheduled lesson approaches, you and your teacher meet in the Myngle virtual class room in which you will get an online one-on-one or group German lesson with video, audio and online learning tools just as though it were the real thing. After class, you will receive feedback, an assessment of your progress and homework for your next lesson. Unlike regular private tuition, you can also leave feedback on your teacher which ensures consistently high quality as all the Myngle teachers rely on high approval ratings in order to attract students. Assuming you were satisfied with your first Myngle lesson, it is easy to book the next one or even a package of up to 100. You can save up to 40% by buying in bulk and a long term course of regular lessons will be the best way to ensure fast progress in your course. Also, knowing you have a lesson next week is a great motivation to keep you studying and pushing yourself; if not for you, then for your teacher! Despite a lack of core material you will soon find that your teacher will provide you with more than enough learning activities and conversation practice to satisfy your needs. Myngle also provide a free online library and language learning resource center to support your self study and homework.

Although at first glances Myngle may appear to be on the expensive side, we believe it actually represents great value for money. This is because Myngle classes can be up to 3 times cheaper than regular private or group classes while being infinitely more flexible. Classes can be tailored towards what you want to study, when and wherever you want. All that is needed is access to a computer making Myngle incredibly useful for those of us who travel a lot; gone are the days when being half the way round the world was an excuce for skipping class!  Whether you are looking specifically for a native German teacher, you have certain exams to prepare for or you can only do classes at 07:00am before work, Myngle is your best chance to find a course to suit your preferences. If you happen to live in an area which is rather cut off, Myngle may be your lifeline as you will have access to classes simply unavailable to you before. Overall Myngle combines the unique benefits of personal language lessons with a real teacher with the flexibility that teach yourself German software provides; both at a relatively low price.

The only potential downside to Myngle  is that you may encounter problems if you lack access to a reliable and fast internet connection or a good computer. However, this can be tested before you purchase any classes. Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with your first class you are entitled to a full refund or replacement lesson. We would recommend Myngle to intermediate or advanced learners as there are many basics to a language that can be learned without the need for a personal teacher. However, beginners are still well catered for and Myngle's core personalized courses will meet the requirements of almost all German language learners.

Myngle is certainly unique and definitely one to watch as this specific type of German tuition has a lot of potential for growth. As a trailblazer in the sector, the company has received many industry awards and positive feedback which reflect the great potential that this fantastic idea has to offer. Visit their website and you will encounter a flourishing free market of language teachers and students learning hundreds of languages all over the world. The free trial doesn't even require any card details, it's that easy! What earns this product its top ten spot is not any specific feature but simply its originality; it may even change the way in which you learn languages for ever!

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