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Category: Teach Yourself German Guides (AKA German Learning Courses & Software)
Website: http://www.rocketlanguages.com/german/premium

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Rocket German Costs & Features

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  • Free, no-obligations 6 day TRIAL course worth $27.00 available to all
    • Consists of selected activities from Rocket German premium designed to give you a taste of the teaching style
  • Choose how you buy Rocket German Premium (beginners)
    • 20-disc CD-ROM box set: $299.95 (includes FREE shipping)
    • Instant download: $99.95 (save 67%!)
  • Choose how you buy Rocket German Premium Plus (intermediate)
    • CD-ROM boxed set: $299.95 ($199.95, 30% off, when purchased with Rocket German Premium)
    • Instant download: $149.95 (50% of the shipped cost!)
  • Choose how you buy Rocket German Platinum (advanced)
    • CD-ROM box set: $299.95 ($199.95, 30% off, when purchased with Rocket German Premium Plus)
    • Instant download: $149.95 (50% of the shipped cost!)
  • Get the Rocket German Survival kit worth $39.95 for FREE when you purchase any Rocket German product
    • 6 bonus interactive audio lessons
    • 2 Additional hours of learning time
  • Free shipping on all CD-ROM box sets
  • Free lifetime access to Rocket German Learning Lounge where users can access course materials and learner forums
  • Free lifetime Rocket German upgrades
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • All discounts are limited and were valid at the time of writing


  • Choose from levels beginner (Premium), intermediate (Plus) or advanced (Platinum), or order more than one level to take advantage of the great deals and discounts available with Rocket German
    • Free presentation of the features of Rocket German; lesson examples with transcripts clearly explain the course structure and teaching style
    • The course focuses on:
      • Practical use; German which you can start using immediately, applicable from the word go
      • Speaking and engaging in conversation; the best way for you to improve your confidence and fluency
      • Context; you will be taught to handle conversational situations in which you may not necessarily understand all the vocabulary
    • 31 Interactive audio lessons: each 25 minute lesson (13 hours of learning material!) is based on modern, everyday German conversations with native speakers
    • Full transcripts accompany every lesson
    • 6 practical topics: meeting and greeting, food and drink, travel, getting around, all about food, retail therapy, family and friends, and activities and hobbies
    • 31 language lessons including step-by-step explanations, over 800 embedded audio clips and instant feedback quizzes
    • 31 language and culture lessons go deeper than simply vocab and grammar to give you an understanding of the context in conversational situations.
    • 4/7 access to online course materials so you can continue your learning wherever you have access to a computer
    • Downloadable lessons and games to keep you learning offline
    • Mp3 and iPod compatible audio so you can keep learning on the go
    • Lifetime membership: no expiration date or regular payments means you can learn German at your own pace
    • My Vocab: study key vocabulary and make personalized word lists with this interactive online vocabulary learning tool
    • Instant feedback quizzes and self tests allow you to see how much progress you have made and where there may be room for improvement
    • Full access to Rocket German motivation center where you can learn advanced study techniques that will increase your learning efficiency by up to 50%
    • MegaGerman software games: boost your vocabulary, master German verbs and improve your speaking skills while having fun!
    • Rocket Record: newly developed voice recognition technology to help you perfect your German accent.
    • Free automatic upgrades to ensure your version of Rocket German is always up to date
    • Progress tracking allows you to see how far you've come, what you should revise and where Rocket German is taking you
    • Personal support: get your questions personally answered by other users, Rocket German's team of teachers or Paul Weber himself!
    • MAC or PC compatible
    • A rocket German Premium certification that you can add to your resume which is equivalent to the A1 and A2 levels (beginner and elementary) of the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages; a framework that standardizes language levels across different learning classifications
    • Rocket German technical support is just an Email or phone call away
  • With Rocket German Premium Plus (intermediate) users get:
    • Stage 2 of your Rocket German journey
    • An extra 31 interactive audio lessons with more advanced conversations
    • 7 additional practical topics: Increase your vocabulary and fluency in different situations such as travel, getting settled in Germany, celebrations, relationships, business, lifestyle and when things go wrong
    • Another 29 language and culture lessons to strengthen your understanding of how the language works
    • Even more advanced quizzes and self tests to help you continue pushing yourself and progressing
  • With Rocket German Platinum (advanced) users get:
    • An extra 31 interactive audio lessons
    • 6 new practical topics: travel destinations, everyday conversation, German food and culture, German way of life, relationships and around the home
    • An extra 29 language and culture lessons
    • Further advanced quizzes and self tests


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