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Please note that Tell Me More German has been discontinued and now redirects to Rosetta Stone - German. We suggest you check out our review of Rosetta Stone - German instead, or check out the rest of the Teach Yourself German Guides we've reviewed.

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Tell Me More German Review

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Immediately upon visiting Tell Me More’s website you will be impressed with the professional image and range of products on offer. With a teach yourself German course consisting of 10 levels, online webpasses, live sessions, home school and business versions, there is no doubt that Tell Me More German is one of the most comprehensive products in this category. Furthermore, each course comes with a range of features to satisfy almost all your learning requirements as well as rival any other product in this category. However, despite the great savings you can make when buying box sets, there is no denying that $529 for the complete Tell Me More German set makes it one of the most expensive language learning solutions in this category. When we add the live sessions, the prices can rise up to a staggering $1699. With this in mind, the quality of Tell Me More German’s features had better be top notch in order to justify you forking out this much.

As soon as we began testing Tell Me More German we were immediately impressed by three features that made this product stand out. Firstly, you are able to configure the language of the user interface which is much rarer than you may think and a common source of customer dissatisfaction in this category; most products are only available in English. Secondly, before you start your course you are invited to take a level test and indicate your preferred learning techniques meaning that from then on the course will be entirely suited to your individual needs. Finally, once you begin the course it is immediately clear that Tell Me More’s user interface is well designed and easily navigable, despite  the large amount of content on offer.

Basically, Tell Me More provides users with immersion style learning along with instant access to a dictionary, one click translations, a conjugator and grammatical explanations. In this way they are attempting to deliver to you the benefits of immersion learning without the frustrations often associated with the simple ‘trial and error’ approach this often involves. The core activities consist of conversations and role play lessons which are varied and enjoyable; following instructions, users are guided through interactive scenarios which differ each time depending on how the user reacts. This results in very lifelike situations in which you must apply the grammar and vocab you have learned in an improvised, rather than scripted, manner. In order to progress your understanding of the language into the ability to vocalize it, Tell Me More German comes with high quality speech analysis technology. This consists of activities that each focus on one syllable, users simply listen to a native speaker pronouncing the word and then repeat. Now comes the good bit, Tell Me More German then records your pronunciation, converts it into an audio graphic and awards you a score according to your accuracy. We found this really useful for assessing and perfecting our accent, a vital but difficult aspect of all language learning. Overall, the combination of the varied and high quality activities offered by Tell Me More German will give you a deep, comprehensive and enjoyable German learning experience.

Aside from the core course materials and learning activities, Tell Me More German offer some fantastic additions and learning support features that really set it apart from the competition and earn it its top ten spot. We were especially impressed with the tracking tools on offer which were the best in the category. The progress tracker is fantastic for motivating you to either keep up the good work, or put more effort in if necessary. Users can also track their weekly activity in order to make sure they are not slacking. Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of Tell Me More German, however, is the personal touch. Users can keep pushing and challenging themselves with the personalized online tests and activities and a 24/7 online adviser will be dedicated to supporting your learning even after completion of Tell Me More German. Finally, for those especially committed, Tell Me More Offer online live sessions. We say especially committed because these are rather expensive, at more the $50 per 30 minute session when you buy in bulk this is higher than the going price for personal tuition. On the plus side these live sessions will complement the rest of your Tell Me More learning material excellently, are highly flexible and can be conducted from the comfort of your own home.

On the downside, some of Tell Me More’s activities were a bit hit or miss which is really not acceptable for a product of this price. We found that some of the advanced interactive activities become a bit disjointed with a few bugs and that many of the 'games' were quite tedious; it is pushing it to describe word searches and cross words as games. Although you can customize Tell Me More German to skip many of these activities, when paying more than $500 you may be left feeling a little cheated. On the other hand, we must keep in mind that different language learners have different preferences and learn in different ways; no one activity will suit everyone. Considering that Tell Me More offer over 20000 features and activities, maybe it was inevitable that we were to find a few that we didn’t like. The only way to be sure for yourself is to have a go at their free trail which is one of the best available. Almost all the features will be available to you and signing up does not require any financial commitment on your half.

Tell Me More  claims to have 7 million satisfied customers and has received more awards than any other program, clearly making them a global leader in language learning software. Despite the occasional feature not being up to scratch, the general quality still far outstrips most other products in this category. For us, it is the personal touch and learning support features such as the progress trackers, online tests and online adviser that really set Tell Me More apart from the competition. Also, the flexibility of Tell Me More German makes it suitable for almost all language learners. Finally, if you are cash rich but time poor then the live sessions will make an invaluable complement to the course. We would recommend Tell Me More German to anyone for whom either price is not an issue, or learning German is an imperative.

Please note:
TellMeMore.com (Auralog, Inc.) have been taken over by their rival, Rosetta Stone. Although the original TellMeMore software is still available to buy/download from Amazon, the TellMeMore website now re-directs to Rosetta Stone's website.

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Please note that Tell Me More German has now been discontinued.

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